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  1. Hi, I couldnt find an answer to this on the forums. Appologies if a similar thread exists. I am as my name suggests; new to greensock and flash-programming. Current code is working and moves the "hero" up and down to fixed locations in my game: private function keyPressed(event:KeyboardEvent):void { if (oppnedcount <2 && event.keyCode==38) { if (oppnedcount == 0) { oppnedcount++; TweenLite.to(hero, 0.3, {y:(421)}); } else { oppnedcount++; TweenLite.to(hero, 0.3, {y:(365)}); } } if (oppnedcount > 0 && event.keyCode==40) { if (oppnedcount == 2) { oppnedcount--; TweenLite.to(hero, 0.3, {y:(421)}); } else { oppnedcount--; TweenLite.to(hero, 0.3, {y:(477)}); } } } "Attatched" to the heros X- and Y-pos i have a running particle-object. Is there a way to rotate the angle of this particle-object DURING the tween of my "hero"? Preferrably using the tweenlite-code and not adding a timer to calculate the 0.3 seconds of my tweens. Thanks in advance, best regards