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  1. Sorry rodrigo, i was just testing... and my aptana is sending the ftp on save... Sry... I have putted ir back if you wan´t to test it right now... I will not touch it anymore... I am thinking if it not work i will not animate on IE just that... but i will be gladly if it animate on IE of course...
  2. Hello i am making this site, as others can se on my posts: http://temp.agenciacaput.com/Caput/ And it´s working perfectly the animations, BUT, our beloved IE9-, its making things harder... Test the upper menu with IE9- so you can se the bugs, i can´t resume them all... Any help will be most wellcome! Note: Using TweenMax not minified for debug pourposes. On ie 7 trows me an error on TweenMax.js, line 2809 character 7
  3. Man... i just love Greensock! the correction worked properly... Let me explain why the $(document).height() did not worked for me... O am using Strong.easeInOut, but if i use the jquery height, i don´t know why... My Strong becomes only easeIn! But using the "max" string that Greensock suplied it works like a charm,if you wanna try is on the site, the bottom hidden menu: http://temp.agenciacaput.com/Caput/ Now the animation its smooth... Tnx Greensock!
  4. I have figured it out with your help... It was an event propagation problem... I have remaked and removed the unbind, and done just one bind instance for hover, and it worked... But the className did not worked for me, cause i have a 3 classes that i need to add and remove and i can´t do this like this example: TweenLite.to(myElement, 1, {css:{className:"+=class2 class3"}}); Tnx for your time. Helped me a lot with the event propagation error!
  5. Hello i wanna ask for the more experienced userds of GSAP JS: How can i make a window scrollTo plugin go to 100% bottom of the webpage? on jquery i set it as "max", but i wan´t to use only GSAP for animations and jquery for selector and general pourposes tnx for your time.
  6. Hello i have made an animation using TweenMax on this site: http://temp.agenciacaput.com/Caput And the menu its animated with the "animation.ui.js" file. The menu works 100% BUT when you make us of it more than 20 times or a little less than that... The menu got bugous... Really bugous...so i need to know if it is a tweenmax bug or i am doing something really stupid... Tnx for your time.