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  1. I guess a self-contained html would do. How can I do it?
  2. What I mean is a single svg file to be run with a browser but potentially without internet. So the GSAP stuff would have to be "included" in some way in the file.
  3. Hi all, it's all in the title basically: is it possible to make a standalone svg with GASP animations? thanks Philippe
  4. Thank you, I realised just after posting I had not included Raphael. Obviously it works better that way. Your answer implies that I might be able to do the same thing without using Raphael (I've never used it so I don't mind using a simpler way). What I want to do is to combine the ability to drag and to spin an object. I'm a junior high math teacher and my final goal is to implement a web app to demonstrate geometrical constructions using tools such as ruler, set square, protractor...
  5. Hi all, I'm totally new to GSAP (and I don't have much experience with HTML for that matter). So I figured I would copy some code, check that I can make it work and start tweaking. Alas I didn't get far. I attached my .html file which is basically a header calling gsap and draggable and a body where I pasted OSUblake's .html and .js code. I get the structure of the document but the boxes are empty. I guess I should have called something else .... What am I doing wrong? Thanks PhilippeCollision.html