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  1. Hi all, I have created an infinite scrolling background with 4 layers. For giving the wrapping effect on each layer, I am using 2 copies of the same image and during the loop i am shifting the x positions. Now i want to use BlitMask for this, and i have sccuessfully implemented it too. I just want to have one doubt cleared : - there are 4 sprites for each layer updating in an update loop - these 4 layers are a child of BGScreen sprite should I use the BlitMask for just the BGScreen sprite or should I create 4 instances for each layer so that i can use the wrapping feature and then blit them each. And finally blit the whole BGScreen sprite too ?? any other suggestions are also welcome thanks I am attaching the two as files... just for your reference
  2. Actually its working fine.... the project is not that complex.... in fact now that i know about this cool new effect... i am going to change some of my existing tweens to SlowMoEase.... Thanks a lot....
  3. Hello Sir, First of all thanks to you for replying so quickly. In fact i am kind of excited to hear from you. I have always been a follower of snorkl.tv. And i have learned this engine from your tutorials at snorkl and tutsplus only (actually i was hoping one day u'll write a mini book on greensock platform...i'll be the first one to buy it... ) So its feeling good to interact with you. And rest about the question that i asked... yup this is exactly what i was looking for. Now i have one more doubt... Currently i am using an older version of TimelineMax and TweenMax in my project... so will it cause some problems if i replace it to version 12 ??
  4. Hey guys... This is my first post to this forum... I am working on a project and i want to have a tweening effect similar to the 'Custom Presets : fly-in pause fly-out' option in Flash IDE. Its just that i want to create it with action script and want to control it properly through code. For the rest of the tweening in my project i am using 'Greensock's TweenMax'. So if someone can help me creating the same effect in this engine it would be helpful. Thanks.