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konstantinos last won the day on October 31 2012

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konstantinos last won the day on October 31 2012

konstantinos had the most liked content!

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  1. Hello lasercode Why don't you try to use onComleteAll instead of onComplete: function tweenScaleUp():void { TweenMax.allTo(stepArray, tweenSpeed, {alpha:1, scaleX:1.5, scaleY:1.5, dropShadowFilter:{blurX:15, blurY:15, distance:5, alpha:0.33}, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, onCompleteAll:tweenScaleDown}, stepStaggerAmount); }
  2. Hello heyitsjayy Why dont you try with more frames per second, like 60 p.e. Also to be smoother the rotation, you may try insteed of "360" something like "120" : TweenLite.to(plane.propeller6, .05, {rotation:"120", blurFilter:{blurX:20, blurY:20}, onComplete:propellerSix}); Its just an idea...
  3. hello Thanks Carl and Thanks Jack for the respond!!! I really appreciate that you two tried to find a solution. I'll take a look at transform.matrix3D and if I found something interesting I'll let you know!!! k
  4. you can set the order of the objects with this this.setChildIndex(mcArray[0], 0) 0 is the lower position. Just remember when you add somethink it goes to the top position For more infomation you can visit http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/display/DisplayObjectContainer.html
  5. you mean addChild(mcArray[0]); or all array items for (var i:int=0; i<mcArray.length; i++){ addChild(mcArray[i]); } is that you looking for??
  6. Hello Carl! Thank you for the respond!!! I probably did not explain properly what the problem is.I want to have a container that contains one or more objects and one of this objects for example the green object will be rotated by Z-axis 45 degrees (image: attached file: steps.zip/step0.jpg). So I want to tween the container and the green object be in vertical position.(image: attached file: steps.zip/step1.jpg). And then I want to tween the container in Y-axis 90 degrees and the green object will be in horizontal position (image: steps.zip/step2.jpg). But instead of this (image: attached file: steps.zip/step2.jpg) I got this (image: attached file: steps.zip/wrongStep.jpg). I know that if I rotate only the green object I'll have the result that I expect. But if there is more than one objects, for example 10 objects... I really try to find the way to be able to tween container and all nested object will tween in the same time. But I think is impossible. Thank you all in advance! rotationZY2.zip steps.zip
  7. Hello! One idea is to make a boolean variable (false at the begging) and when the animation starts is going to be true. Like this... var isStarted:Boolean=false; onRollOver = function() { if(!isStarted){ TweenLite.delayedCall(0,anim3); TweenLite.to(strobing_corner, 0.75,{_alpha:0}); isStarted=true; } } this is just one idea. I dont know if someone else have another proposal.
  8. Hello everybody!!! I'm newbie in this forum and I have one question. I'm trying to animate a movieClip first in z-axis (e.g 45 degrees) and then in Y-axis (e.g.90 degrees). If I do only the one rotation its OK, TweenMax.to(cont, 1, {rotationZ:-45}); or TweenMax.to(cont, 1, {rotationY:90}); but when I'm trying to do first the one an then the second or both together like this TweenMax.to(cont, 1, {rotationZ:-45, rotationY:90}); I have a problem, the result is not what I expected to see. Did you have any idea?? Thanks in advance!!! p.s. I have attached a simple .fla & .swf file. rotationZY.zip