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  1. Solution was registering ScrollTrigger as well
  2. Hi. Ive encountered the error below when directly loading a nested route. No errors if i navigate to said nested routes from the main page. Tried to debug. checked that all the wrappers are loading on the nested routes as well.
  3. Hi. Looking for the proper way to call ScrollSmoother.create() inside a nextjs app. I have a couple of animations that run fine when i disable the ScrollSmoother create call. However when i enable it the animations are not working most of the time even with markers: true enabled. I have been troubleshooting the issue and have moved the initialization to the root as well. This still does not seem to work. I am using the useIsomorphicLayoutEffect with gsap.context. since i cant exactly recreate it on a codepen, i could dm over a few live links with both the ScrollSmoother enabled and disabled as well as send over the github repo.