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    curve a line

    Ok, that makes sense. I have another question but I'll start a new thread for that because it's an entirely different topic. Thanks!
  2. Kevin

    curve a line

    I finally got around to looking at this stuff again...anyway, I looked at the sample code and the output and I agree that the red curve is basically the type of curve I want to modify the control points for, except in an animation. I see you suggested that I use TweenLite to animate the control or anchor points, but I'm just not catching on enough how to do that. Can you give me some advice or code samples as to how I would do that? How do I get TweenLite to animate a KinectJS drawn curve by moving its control points? Thanks...
  3. Kevin

    curve a line

    Thanks for the great idea! I hope to try this out soon...
  4. Kevin

    curve a line

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way to have a drawn line gradually (tween) curve itself until it reaches an arbitrary arc. I've been attempting this with easeljs and created a post for it: http://community.cre...49-curve-a-line but I'm not really happy with how it looks or how much control I have over the tweening. I was wondering if anyone has tried to animate the change from a line into a curve (so it looks like the "straight face" is slowly changing into a "smile" or "frown"). I used to do this kind of thing fairly easily 10 years ago with Flash tools, but I'm having a hard time doing it now in Javascript. Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this with GSAP? Thanks...
  5. Yes, that revised example works perfectly...thanks!
  6. Hi, The sample code provided in this thread works for me...but when I tried using the sample code with the latest 0.5.0 version of EaselJS, it didn't work at all. Can someone confirm that the sample code isn't working for them in the latest version of EaselJS? Any offer any ideas what I need to tweak to get it to work in the latest EaselJS? Thanks...