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  1. I understand, that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Shouldn't be tough to reach a similar level of precision. Thanks!
  2. Yes Carl, and I just realized I missed the right Forum ? Should I re-post this topic on the right forum or perhaps can you do that for me?
  3. Hi, I have a card game which currently handles the cards dragging by simply editing the rotationX and rotationY depending on the mouse movement direction. Then in the onEnter loop I "force" the rotationX and rotationY to move towards 0 by slightly increasing/decreasing their value on each frame. This results in a quite poor 3D effect movement since the transition isn't smooth enough, plus it doesn't feel like a 3D transition (since it's obviously only 2D). We are using plain Flash for this, so no CSS or JS can be involved, we only use GSAP tweens. Our aim, is to create something like hearthstone achieved, a very smooth movement which depends on the position of the mouse-center of the card, as implemented here by @dstnation. We do handle the smooth transition of the card from its position to the mouse cursor by using just one line of code on the 'onEnter' function, basically: protected function onEnterFrame(e:Event):void { if(mMouseTarget && mMouseDown) { //Handle the position of the card 'x' and 'y' TweenLite.to(this, 0.2, {x:mMouseTarget.x, y:mMouseTarget.y}); } } mMouseTarget's position is filled on the onMouseDown, along with the mMouseDown variable. We are nevertheless, having a hard time trying to figure out how to do something similar with the rotationX, rotationY and (perhaps?) skewX/skewY to achieve a 3D effect? Does anyone have any idea on what could we try? Thanks beforehand
  4. Hi Carl, Well I've tried your tests and, yes it does goes smoother with a 50KB swf, but it's still noticeable, the good news (for you guys) is that trying to load it with the native Loader presents the same behavior. I've been asking in other forums and I've been told that it's not the loading, it's instiantiating the flash objects from the SWF that freezes the app (because flash it's a single-threated platforms), and that there is no workaround..
  5. Hello there, I'm actually facing the same issue here... But my application (AIR app) is trying to load a 112KB swf instead. It just freezes the whole application when trying to load the file. In order to make my self clear, I've added the eventListeners (progress and complete) traces so it's easier to understand, this is what I got when loading the SWF file: progress: 0.32768 progress: 0.574705 [sWF] swf/1x/map_04.swf - 118.084 bytes after decompression. progress: 1 The app freezes for (almost 0.5 secs) right after the decompression trace. Any ideas of what could be happening here? Thank you...