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  1. great, missed that one A clever approach indeed. Tx...problem solved.
  2. I want to drag a 'marker' to a (world)map, but since the user should be able to place multiple markers i need to leave the original in place. The idea is : - user clicks(mousedown) on marker icon - create a clone an attach it to the cursor - on mouseup place the marker on the map. - user places second marker, etc etc.
  3. Stefdv

    Node-webkit support

    Tx Fast response like always on this forum I didn't know about the GreenSockGlobals, but i fixed it in a simulair way. In Node-webkit there is the fact that node and webkit live in their own context so by assigning TweenMax from the webkit window to the global window the problem is solved and i can use TweenMax in every other module to. global.Tweenmax = window.TweenMax Tx for the reply .
  4. I loved GSAP in the Flash days, love it even more in javascript... And then came Node-webkit, a way to make hybrid desktop apps. The only problem is that i can not use TweenMax or Draggable with it. Node-webkit uses require() ( witch is actually based on CommonJs instead of RequireJs) When i load the libraries thru index.html using a script tag, i can use them in the main.js file, but then there not available in other modules. ( something to do with different contexts ). So the only way would be to be able to load them with something like var TweenMax = require('./TweenMax') I know you are all very busy perfecting GSAP , but is there any change you can help me out here ?
  5. @Jonathan I placed perspective and transform-style on the body tag because i was lazy Never thought about the effect it could have on other elements....so lazy and sloppy. @Rhernardo I thought the CSSPlugin was already in TweenMax, or at least that there was no need for it when using TweenMax...So much to learn Thank you both...problems solved.
  6. Jonathan, tx.. I just figured that one out thru the _gsTransform properties...tx anyway. Still leaves the problem that if i make quick adjustments with the sliders, the box 'jumps' sometimes and most of the times it does not return to the original position if i put all sliders back to zero.
  7. I know it's not that much fun, but you asked for a plugin You could try Reel js ( http://reel360.org/reel) It does exactly what you need, with a lot of options ( and then some )
  8. Hey all, Browser : Chrome, OS : Windows 7 x64 codePen : http://codepen.io/Stefdv/pen/eybkF The problem(s); When i switch between sliders, the sliders don't always correspond to the current tranform of the box. There is als a 'jump' when i switch between slider adjustments. another issue: i can't seem to make a rotationZ for 180deg...at least it's not rotating right then ? Any help would be appreciated ( a lot )
  9. Live is so simple sometimes... tx a lot
  10. Hey there, I really like the new draggable thingy, but... i can't figure out the right syntax to enable / disable certain draggable items.. Draggable.disable( $('#myWindow') ) doesn't really work
  11. Thank you all for the clear explanations
  12. Now, it seems that i'm doing it all wrong..or not... Do i need to load the Jquery lib first or not? As i understood, gsap is 'selfsupporting' so i thought there is no need to load in jquery. But then how do i use the selectors? I seems that i can not use the $ selector ( '$ is not defined') ; How can i use $(document).ready(function() ? i'm loading the files from cdn : CSSPlugin.min.js , EasePack.min.js and TweenLite.min.js
  13. Hello, When i load my page, a picture slides in. Now, when i press on a link to go to another page, i need this image to slide out first. Anyway i can resolve this with a tween ? I guess i need to use the onComplete and then goto a function that loads the new page. So, i'm not sure this is Greensock related . Could be a java question . Anyway; ( can't get the code tag to work, it only shows a scrollbar ) <li id="NavLink"><a href="/somepage" ><span>SomePage</span></a></li> $('#NavLink').click(function() { TweenLite.to(navImage, 1, {css:{left:"-700px"}, ease:Power2.easeOut}); }); I have a click function that should start the tween when i press the link, problem offcourse is that the new page loads imidiatly, and the ' going out' tween never starts. ( or maybe it does, we just won't see it ). ps ( a one page design is not an option ).
  14. Well what can i say ... I've been struggling with this even though you put a lot of effort in explaining everything...Now you even take it a step further. Thank u so much for your help, to me, but most of all to the community.