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  1. Adobe Edge will be rejected by Media Buyers! < Job Security!
  2. Most Banner companies are rejecting Adobe Edge! This is great news! The Banners they are sending overseas are being rejected by The Media Buyers. 600k plus file size with adobe edge crap. On another note... I am noticing some companies not accepting GSAP because of the file size... 15k + 9k is a little much. I found another animation engine that is 5k. http://lvivski.com/anima/ . I have used Greensock since forever! AS1, 2, and 3... and I do not want to relearn another animation engine! I'm a TweenMax til I Die! Is there a GSAP plugin that only has the essentials needed for Banners! If not please please please make one! Or will I have to go into the APi and strip out only what i need from the JS file... Then we can't have Bower syncs... AAAHHHHH,... Just Make one! www.pixelrockstudios.com www.bmwusa.com/m < They asked me to make a flash website in HTML. When all other developers turned this project away... I did this **** with ease knowing I had GSAP!