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  1. it all works with "simple animation" but cant figure out how to create new animation
  2. Can someone assist me on change this current animation: TweenLite.fromTo(spot_holder[kNumIterator], 2, {left:pointAX, top:pointAY}, {left:pointBX, top:pointBY, immediateRender:false}); to this: TweenLite.fromTo(spot_holder[kNumIterator], { ease: Bounce.easeOut, y: -500 }); or what do I change to make the animation HAVE a bounce effect, zoom effect or any other effect
  3. I am hoping that someone can help me out with this problem I am having. I have a bonus wheel spinning in a clockwise direction. each "pie" is a number. I have degrees set to stop on a specific number everytime the flash refreshes. Whats happening is it goes in a clockwise rotation for the spin but when the number gets generated to stop at a number it takes the shortest route to that number (degree) and then goes in reverse. It doesnt happen all the time but sporadically. i am trying to resolve this but cant seem to figure it out. My goal is to always rotate clockwise and stop at the
  4. I am new at greensock I wanted to see if someone can help me out with this and see if loadermax can do what I need it to do. Below is as3 code to dynamically load in an external .swf from the same directory the external .swf are named clip0.swf','clip1.swf','clip2.swf In the main flash i have the as code as followed below. What I want to accomplish is to load up clip0.swf' dynamically. then when I refresh the page or republish the main file it should show clip1.swf then do it again for clip2.swf. in that order everytime the page refresh the new .swf gets loaded. the below code ra