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  1. After further research, the only way I could get this to work was to reinitialize my VideoLoaders like this: loaderArray[currentSlideIndex-1] = (new ImageLoader(url1, {name:"slide1", width:1920, height:1080})); Is there any better way to do this? If not I have a lot of code to refactor
  2. I'm having an issue loading loaders that have been loaded, then disposed of. Let me explain that (it gives me a headache trying to parse it). I have an array of loaders, some VideoLoaders, some ImageLoaders. I'm trying to make something where you can swipe through multiple objects, but rolled my own garbage collection so only three objects (previous, current, and next) are currently loaded into memory, as these files can get fairly large. I append a loader to my LoaderMax instance, then call the load() method. As I move forward through my array, I append the prev, current, and next lo