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  1. Oh forgot to make a pen 😞 But Mikkel’s pen is showing the problem - e.g. “hyper-professionellen” is not understanding the soft hyphen.
  2. Is it possible to have texts split by chars and have ­ (soft hyphen) work? So bigger words are using grammatically correct hyphenation, when viewed on the phone
  3. The locomotive scroll demos above are not performing well on iOS. The pinned/fixed parts are shaking badly when scrolling.
  4. @OSUblake I have made a isometric (not dimetric) pen based on your pen. I hope the math is right https://codepen.io/knalle/pen/WNNQYew
  5. @GreenSock Btw, Is the fix available for download?
  6. @GreenSock that’s why i love GSAP forum. This is the best library and community - by far! Thank you all for all the help ??
  7. It seems my post was trimmed somehow:) but the problem is that the “anti-lag trick” (progress) is not working with the menu (codepen above), so the closing animation makes a weird jump. How come?
  8. I notice the first time my menu timeline animation is lagging (well, not the simple codepen version here). And if I apply the timeline.progress(1).progress(0) trick (as Jack points out in https://codepen.io/knalle/pen/NWWGRjB (line 30, I have added progress(0).progress(1) )
  9. Great example - why is it squished at 1? also it clips a bit when z is 0. By the way, those coding math videos are excellent. Easy to follow
  10. SSR = Scale, Skew, Rotate (https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-advanced-isometric-illustrations-using-the-ssr-method--vector-1058) I just thought it would be easier to wrap my head around the translations of a square that has been transformed than moving the points on an angle. but performance is probably better in your without the transformations in SSR approach (?)
  11. You are right, Zach. I could describe it a bit better ? The webGL would outperform this approach I am sure. But I will need this code for display banners primarily. So take up only few kb is a requirement. Perhaps I’ll be animating only 3-5 cubes. So it will probably perform ok.
  12. Thanks! I was thinking about objects too. Is the ticker the right approach if i have 5-10 cubes animating?
  13. I need to be able to tween the size of a cube on all three axis (pseudo). But when the properties overlap (as seen in the last part of the animation) it breaks. Of course But what would be a better an more intuitive way of setting this up? Also, scaling "across" 0 (eg. sizeX(5) to sizeX(-5) ) is not working unless i use onUpdate or something and check for the value. Ideally, I would like the size tweening working as great as regular 3d scale (X, Y, Z) and the isometric pseudo-3d position of the cube be working like x,y,z.
  14. I have all I need for now, thanks I wanted the MorphSVG features but with the ablity to have vertices show up as dots. So the posts from @mikel are excellent for this thread, though not working with MorphSVG.
  15. Here is a codepen where I have removed the parts that are not needed for the anchors: https://codepen.io/knalle/pen/rNBWbRx But it can probably be improved.