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  1. https://codepen.io/knalle/pen/mdxWBLz Yay, made it work It is based on a couple of ScrollTrigger skew examples. I used a proxy for tweening the rotation based on InertiaPlugin tracking on the draggable. And changed quickSetter to quickTo. I think the performance is good and the "physics" effect is fine - but if anybody spots optimization opportunities in the code, please reply
  2. Excactly what I mean. I wasn't expecting an out-of-the-box option. I looked into this, but my skills didn't get my anywhere
  3. How would you add a rotation on drag. Like a swinging intertia on the images? That stops when you stop stop/pause the dragging motion. I have tried with quickTo combined with IneriaPlugin tracker, but I can't get et working
  4. Ah, of course 😅 Simple solution, that does the trick! Thanks.
  5. Can I limit the drag area and still have the the same animation (no hidden overflow)? So the drag trigger is not taking the full width og the container. Could I just create a trigger (div) that I set the style the width/height and placement of. (fixed now )
  6. knalle

    Draggable cards

    Thanks, but if I drag to the left it stops working?
  7. knalle

    Draggable cards

    I need a similar style of draggable as this old pen: https://codepen.io/ryjohnson/pen/pogqoPL/2b3fee8715f4d7c968f2395ff6d66159. But I would like to have it in GSAP 3 of course. I thought I knew what to change. But why isn't my pen working properly?
  8. Thanks @GreenSock That was the behavior I was looking for - in the solution, that is... not talking about you :D ... oh well, you always help, so good behavior form everyone here!
  9. Thanks @GreenSock and @Cassie I can see that it tries to limit the drag, however, in the examples I'm still able to swipe quickly and it scrolls through several slides?
  10. I wasn't sure it was need this time But my request also applies to this one I found on the forum: https://codepen.io/glenn_pot/pen/VwKRpYe So the swipe and flick is fine, but I would like to limit it to one step. E.g. a fast flick on one 1 would still only get it to 2 (or card 7, is it's the other direction).
  11. I have a infinite scrolling horizontal carousel/slider. Using Draggable (inertia: true, type:"x"). I like the flicking feature - but can I prevent that a fast flick scrolls through several slides?
  12. @GreenSock In the codepen you posted above - how can I make it possible to scroll on touch devices? I have tried allowNativeTouchScrolling (both false and true) but it did not solve it. been searching on the forum too, but haven't seen a working solution. If the carousel takes the full screen height of my iPhone I am stuck and unable to scroll (swiping vertically).
  13. @Cassie yeah maybe If I have a 10 second "main" timeline I want to add an animation at 5 seconds that wraps/loops around - so the last 5 seconds starts a 0 seconds. So either I want to create an animation, that has the "time wrapped" before beeing added to the main timeline - or - somehow slicing the animation into two tweens . I have illustrated it here: http://thor.moumou.dk/gsap_screen1.png
  14. @greensock Thanks. It works as expected now Is it possible to offset a timeline or a tween? Keeping the same duration "wrapping" the animation. eg. a tweening X 0 -> 100, and then offsetting it to from 50 to 50 wrapping from 100 to 0 (50->100->0->50).