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  1. Olav

    Hover animation

    Thanks again for your reply @Rodrigo. I'm trying to solve it on my own, you talk about elements with partial heights, which is what the effect uses. https://codepen.io/olavgit/pen/eYKWebd I've edited the pen a small bit, using just 2 instances, one leaving and one entering. Thanks again @PointC for the great example. Are there any other possibilities than using a clip path to make the span a different height? Setting the height to 50% of the span class is just making it bigger. I really appreciate the support!
  2. Olav

    Hover animation

    Thanks for both of your suggestions! I can't really seem to figure out how to get this perfect. https://imgur.com/a/WcRoxGm I've slowed the gif down a bit and see that it's only using 2 clip's/layers just like Craig's example. Could I maybe move this thread to the hiring section to find someone who can realise this for me?
  3. Olav

    Hover animation

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right place for this question, but I've had really amazing help from this forum on this forum, and thought I'd shoot my shot. I stumbled on the following 'distorted' animations on the ThinkingBox website which I'd like to recreate; https://imgur.com/a/dknA80r Is this possible using GSAP, or does anyone know how to achieve this/something similar? Even a relevant google search term would help, I just can't seem to find something remotely correct. The closest I've gotten is the Blotter.js library, but I think this is not what I'm looking for. Anything helps! I appreciate your reading, hope you can help me out with an answer.
  4. Olav

    Border scroll animation

    Hi! Sorry for my late reply but you guys had the perfect answers for me. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello everyone, I stumbled on the following animation on the Van Moof website which I'd like to recreate; https://imgur.com/xSnhLYr Is this possible using GSAP, and are there any codepen examples doing something similar? Anything helps! I appreciate your reading, hope you can help me out with an answer.
  6. Thanks for the quick help Jack! Exactly what I needed.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to GSAP so still need to get used to all the possibilities. I've tried my fair share of google searches but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. As you can see in the codepen example, text changes color based on scroll position. Though if you scroll slow enough, you can pause the scroll in the 'in-between' state of the 2 colours. I'd like for my code to trigger the change of color on scroll, but with a set duration, eliminating the possibility of seeing 50% color. When the trigger hits, .highlight changes to white in 1 second with easing. What do I need to resolve this issue? Or, where can I find a solution? I appreciate your reading, hope you can help me out with an answer.