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  1. Thank you @GreenSock it certainly answers my question. Additionally, I have forwarded the information to the folks in my office. I've been incorporating your platform since the flash days and value the effort your team has put in to evolve it's capabilities. Cheers to you and your team!
  2. Hi @ZachSaucier, I am looking to get my office to purchase the BusinessGreen lifetime version. It states 'Permanent license 3 years of updates'.... would you happen to offer a license the lifetime with lifetime updates (vs only 3 years)? Thanks for your help! Additionally, if you'd prefer an inquiry regarding licensing over a more official channel, please PM me that, and I will move this conversation over to there. Thank you
  3. the video explains it all. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you Jack! I have located gsap-bonus.zip but not the *.tgz version. Could you point me in the right direction when you have a moment? I'm going to watch this video as well
  5. I located this thread which seems to indicate that I should download it manually. If that's still a valid answer, should I locate it manually in node_modules/gsap/dist or is it better to leave that node directory alone and put it in another project directory? Thanks
  6. Hi GSAP community, I attempting to use CustomEase and have followed the instructions in the docs for UMD/CommonJS with require. This is the exact install plugins I have opted to use. GSAP is currently working as desired (thanks!). The last plugin I added today was CustomEase and I am having trouble when I try to run my build. const { gsap } = require("gsap/dist/gsap"); const { ExpoScaleEase } = require("gsap/dist/EasePack"); const { CSSRulePlugin } = require("gsap/dist/CSSRulePlugin"); const { ScrollTrigger } = require("gsap/dist/ScrollTrigger"); const { CustomEase } = require("gsap/dist/CustomEase"); window.gsap = gsap; gsap.registerPlugin(CSSRulePlugin, ScrollTrigger, CustomEase, ExpoScaleEase); Before adding CustomEase, things were running well. Reviewing the debug (from Gulp task) I found that it cannot locate the module. Error: Can't walk dependency graph: Cannot find module 'gsap/dist/CustomEase' from... I then reviewed node_modules/gsap/dist for the CustomEase.ts file and it is absent. Perhaps I missed something in the installation instructions or I have to manually add it. Your help is appreciated. Thanks From my package.json ... "dependencies": { "gsap": "^3.6.1" } ...
  7. I did some further digging @ZachSaucier, to confirm whether or not there was behavior change from desktop and touch-enabled environments, so I put a simple method to listen for what's being reported for window.innerHeight and found it. On desktop environments resize event does not get triggered (accept the one I manually trigger in the beginning to get the initial size), but on mobile it does. Meaning, on scroll for touch-enabled devices something is changing the height. I have updated the demo and you can observe this behavior to verify the QA results (will need to be touch enabled device). There is a variance from original window.innerHeight that changes back a forth. Note, I call resize once on init() manually to establish the original window.innerHeight. I'd really like to get you opinion on this when you have a moment. Thanks again 👍 for investing your time to review. Chrome on Android: Using the Codepen in debug, here are my results (using Chrome dev tools to inspect the debug link): 1717 1850 1717 1850 1717 1850 Safari on iPhone: On the newest stable release of iOS, I can exhibit a jump on the X axis
  8. Thanks. I have implemented the change (updated the demo on Codepen as well). Here's are all the changes I've made: 1 - Now setting x and y percent in my init(): gsap.set("#lens1_lens", {xPercent:-50 , yPercent:-50}); 2 - Also, in my scroll triggers, I have changed them to percent as well: xPercent:"+=25", ... xPercent:"-=80", 3 - I assigned a pixel width and height to the circle (lens) for mobile + desktop in hopes that might help. Observations while using Chrome dev tools to inspect the page on my mobile phone: I am seeing the translate get applied twice (using Chrome dev tools to inspect). What I mean is after scrolling happens, you'll see the purple highlight applied to the style attribute blink twice. I'm still observing the same behavior.
  9. Sweet! Thank you. Thank you for reviewing. I have a theory that the translate that's getting applied via ScrollTrigger might be inducing this jumps. In CSS I set the fixed position of the circle (lens) to transform: translate(-50%, -50%); I am setting the X property in the trigger as such: gsap.to("#lens1_lens",{ x:"+=225", duration:12, scrollTrigger: { trigger:"#section2_sec", toggleActions: "none pause reverse pause", start: "top top+=75%", end: "bottom bottom", scrub: true } }); When triggered it looks like (depending on the deciding factors behind the scenes), either a plain translate or a translate3D gets further applied. See the attached image. If there is a way to lock GSAP to only adjusting the X property, I can test this theory. Thanks for your help and hope you had a great weekend.
  10. Hi Zach, Thanks for the suggestion. While I was able to create a pen, unfortunately the pen does not replicate the behavior as observed in the static live site. This is most likely due to the fact that it's embedded in another page. If anyone is able to help, please use the live site below on link on Chrome, for Android (version 10) rather than the pen to observe the issue described above. Note, on the live site I use: {% include js/libs/gsap/3.5.1/gsap.min.js %} {% include js/libs/gsap/3.5.1/EasePack.min.js %} {% include js/libs/gsap/3.5.1/ScrollTrigger.min.js %} Thanks for the community support. Live Experience (issue is evident on mobile [Chrome for Android, haven't tested on iOS yet]) On codepen
  11. Issue: On mobile, an element (id = lens1_lens) I'd like stay fixed in the middle of the page, jumps up slightly after scrolling in Chrome for Android. This issue is not present on any desktop browser that I've witnessed. Behind the scenes, I am using scrollTrigger to slightly move the faint fixed circle on scroll. CSS positioning-wise I am using the following: .home__lens { position: fixed; top: 50%; left: 50%; width: calc(100vh / 2); height: calc(100vh / 2); background: radial-gradient(50% 50% at 50% 50%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.02) 0%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.13) 95.34%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2) 100%); overflow: hidden; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); @include opacity(.88); @include borderRadius(50%); mix-blend-mode: normal; @include mobile { width: 262px; height: 262px; } } I suspect it's partially due to vh on mobile, and how that's calculated. I would like to avoid using JavaScript to position if possible. Below is the public repo to my code (GitHub pages project using Jekyll) as well as a live example to demo on mobile. Repo Live Experience (issue is evident on mobile [Chrome for Android, haven't tested on iOS yet]) Thanks for your help in advance.
  12. @OSUblake Thanks for the material. Much appreciated, I have created the RESOLVED version of my original codepen for those interested in solving the same.RESOLVED version of my original codepen This version sets this in my SCSS @include translate3d(-100%); In my JS, I switched the transitioned property to x Wipe.tl.to(Wipe.wipe1, .7, {x:0});
  13. Thank you GSAP team for an amazing product! I wouldn't file this as anything more than I could use someone's help or advice. I don't believe it has anything to do with GSAP/TimelineLite. I just want the community's advice on how to achieve the desired effect. Desired effect: Have 3 elements (100% width of browser) animate to the right and end on the right side of browser Once complete, they will cover/stack on top of each other If a user resizes the browser, they will remain in place - locked to left side of browser, at full width How to reproduce: Visit my pen link Waiting for the 3 elements to finish animating. At this point, there's no issue/undesired effect (just GSAP awesomeness) Now, resize the browser and you'll see that the blue bars/wipes do not stay locked to the side Below, I have attached an image of the undesired behavior upon browser resize Thanks for your help!
  14. Code The onCompleteParams isn't handling the Array correctly. Each character in the first index of the array is getting split into multiple indexes in the receiving function. I am using the latest version of the library. Dresden = function () { var _that = this; this.launch = function (dialogWindow2Launch) { switch (dialogWindow2Launch) { case ENUM.DIALOG: _id('dialogWindowImg').style.backgroundImage="url('assets/svg/gggeeee.svgz'')"; var twn = TweenMax.to(_id('dialogWindowImg'),1,{ backgroundPosition:'-3200px 0px', ease: SteppedEase.config(10), paused: true}); //twn.play(); var arr = [1]; TweenMax.to(_id('dialogWindow'),0.4,{ y:'200px', ease: Back.easeOut.config(1), onComplete:onLaunchComplete, onCompleteParams:['HELP'] }); break; } }; function onLaunchComplete(dialogWindow2Launch){ console.log('onLaunchComplete=',dialogWindow2Launch[0], dialogWindow2Launch.length);// OUTPUT = onLaunchComplete= H 4 switch (dialogWindow2Launch[0]) { case ENUM.DIALOG: console.log('dialogWindow2Launch=',dialogWindow2Launch, dialogWindow2Launch.length); //TweenMax.to(_id('dialogWindowImg'),1,{ backgroundPosition:'-3200px 0px', ease: SteppedEase.config(10)}); break; } } };
  15. Thanks for your help. I had to remove a lot of the animations for iOS 5 and not assign any z-index numbers. I hope this helps someone else out there. Also, at the end of some of the timelines, I added a function to re-tween the invisible elements to opacity 1. It should be noted this was also happening on Safari 5.x for desktop.