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  1. Thanks @Cassie and @akapowl for the response. Eventually I found a very similar animation and the related source code at this link https://www.curtainsjs.com/examples/multiple-textures/index.html
  2. Hi! This is my first post. I'm Luigi and I found out GSAP and this forum recently. 🙂 I want to reproduce the page transition animation triggered by the user when clicks on "Previous" or "Next" areas at this website: https://headline.vision/2022_08_29_B Debugging the frontend code, I discovered that the animation was created with GSAP. So I started to search code snippets on websites such as Codepen but right now the most similar (but not enough for my desiderata) stuff I discovered it's this: https://greensock.com/forums/topic/17845-melting-background-animation Do you know how to get the code for a similar animation or recreate it from scratch? Thank you in advance!