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  1. Alright, Actually I need to deliver this by tonight, That's why I am so much worried. Can you please show me in the codepen please. @mvaneijgen Requirement are almost done but just need to add the opacity.
  2. Thankyou so much, One thing more what if I need to add the opacity to 0.5 while the card is reaching to end. How can I obtain that? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, @mvaneijgen @OSUblake Please see the codepen link. I have achieve this by using scroll trigger and motion path plugin. but I want that when my card reach to the bottom. The scroll animation stops. I have used the end property of motion path but it does not works well. also the card is not in viewport. may you please help https://codepen.io/maddy_001/pen/abGPaWj
  4. Hello, I want to stop the motion path when the card reach to the bottom, I have also use the end property in the motion path object but it not works well. And also my card it not in the view while scrolling. It been two days I am working on it, can Any please help me out.
  5. Hey @mvaneijgen, Thanks alot but I just need simple pinning and need to translate left and right on sections.
  6. Thank you for help. @Rodrigo Ma y be this pinning box would help me. What I am thinking of making multiple timelines animation for each section and trigger them while scroll to that particular section.
  7. Hello GSAP family, I am new to GSAP. Can you please help me out with how I can achieve this animation on scroll? I want to pin the card from a particular section and rotate and translate to multiple sections as shown in the image, but in the end I have to put it in between the cards as shown. Please help me out with this. Kind Regards