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  1. Thanks Jack! That's perfect for what I need. I have to learn to read the comments as it is all there! Good call on the pro developer but this project unfortunately doesn't have the budget as we got burnt early in the design phase...
  2. Sorry but I am still at a loss after reading the documents. How do I call each separate graphic for the particle stream? How do I write the addFollower? thanks
  3. Thanks. I will read the docs but as I am a graphic designer rather than programmer I may need more help...
  4. This is an awesome tool! However, in my particle flow I need to include 3 or 4 separate shapes/graphics rather than have the tool auto generate the squares. And also have slight rotation as they travel along the path. Is this possible? How? thanks
  5. Thanks Carl. That's great! My other question was regarding a particle system. I have a diagram of some particles flowing through different chambers. But I am looking at having the particles flow continuously. I presume that using TweenMax will have a definite start and end. So can it be used for a constant flow? I don't really want to use a particle stream as there a number of particles that have to be different sizes and colours. thanks
  6. I realise the AS command to repeat a tween action is repeat : number of repeats But where does this go in my code: import com.greensock.*; TweenLite.to(test, 2, {x:198, y:250, rotation:30}); TweenLite.to(test2, 2, {x:300, y:250, rotation:60}); Sorry for the simple question but I am fairly new to tween classes...