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  1. It's an old post, but new to me, and still very relevant. I do a little bit of light JS, but my strengths are definitely more in HTML/CSS. This post has given me the some motivation to improve my JS skills to the point where I no longer need to rely on taking found code snippits and bending them to suit my needs. Learning through building projects is a great approach, and what better way to learn JS than by building something fun like adding slick animation to my existing websites? In my experience, front-loading the learning process with some good courses/tutorial content can really speed things along. Does anyone have any recommendation for javascript courses? I'm willing to pay for quality content. It doesn't necessarily have to be GSAP-specific, but that would be a bonus as long as a solid foundation of javascript knowledge isn't a prerequisite.
  2. Thank you so much for the recommendation, and also for the explanation of the problem.
  3. I'm really tempted to sign up for Club Greensock just for the ScrollSmoother plugin. It looks fantastic, but I'm worried about accessibility issues. Our site requires very strict accessibility compliance (well, only WCAG AA, but it must be 100% compliant with that standard). My limited testing so far in codepen seems to show that keyboard navigation / tabbing through content and links seems to work pretty well, but CTRL+F to find (and jump to) content within a page does not. To illustrate the problem, you can take a look at the ScrollSmoother example, hit CTRL+F to search for the letter 'c'. It'll find a few, and going through the results will cycle through them, but the screen doesn't jump to each. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about solving that problem, even in general terms, or if it's even likely that a solution is possible? I feel like venn diagram of people who make visually dramatic and exciting websites and people who must be very strict about web accessibility has very little overlap. Perhaps that overlapping section can be accurately labeled as "driven to madness".