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  1. How do I get my mc to be active after I animate my blitmask? I am missing just one line of code somewhere i believe. My Content:MC I am bringing in works and has active buttons. They only stopped working when I added the Blitmask for faster scrolling. But how do I get it back after the update? Thanks package com { import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.events.*; import flash.utils.getTimer; import flash.geom.Rectangle; import flash.display.Shape; // Greensock Annimation import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; import com.gree
  2. Hi, Not sure how many questions get asked about flash these days but I have one. I have having issues on scrolling using the code below. It works but but its slow. I am thinking a "blitmask" would work great here but I don't know where I would put it. Can you give me some tips? Thanks -Ed /// SCROLL BAR /////////////////////// public function throwIt(clipContent:MovieClip) { // old code //var bounds:Rectangle = new Rectangle(_screenX - clipContent.width,0,_screenX,_screenY); // custom var var bounds:Rectangle = new Rectangle(0,0,_screenX,_screenY); //var mc:Sprite = meow.g
  3. SOLVED: - I think So here is what I did. I made a new boolean: var flagsClickNow:Boolean = true; Then instead of using a MouseEvent.CLICK - I used a MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN Then I did an event listener using a MOUSE_MOVE event. If it is moving I made the boolean false so when the finger came off the button it would not triger the button. When on a mouse_up event I set the boolean back to true. So now when they click on a button while it's not moving it will go to the MC I intended. Does this make sense? Do you see any potential pitfalls? I still think you guys should do
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for the great tips. Let me try to explain what exactly I need. First I will say I did something that "kind of" helped by making the button press on the bittMask a touch event, a "tap" or a "press" mobile event. That helped a little but its still a little sketchy and I want to ensure it's the best for the users. In short my "Flag Buttons" load two by two all the way down off the screen. Each flag when "pressed" is supposed to do an action. But I want the whole bittMask to be "flickable" like the iPhone screens that have more content below... like a scroll to see the n
  5. I am sure this might be a common issue but I have buttons in my mc that is being moved by throws prop with the iPhone effect. I am using eventListerners. How do I fix this issue? It is creating buttons dynamically in this function and adding dynamic event listners to each button and then finally putting them all in on MC and making it "flickable" with throwProps. Here is my code/// DECLARES flagMC var flagMC:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); var bounds:Rectangle = new Rectangle(0, 0, stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight); var blitMask:BlitMask; function displayFlags(evt:Event = null) {
  6. oh wow. I just did research on blitMask. I would love to get this code working on this app. It's for a phone. I sent the fla. Can you take a look at it. I also included the code pasted but you need the files to see how it's not working. Now I want to Mast blitMask. It seems to be so fast! Thanks again.
  7. OK I GOT IT TO WORK.. . But I am worried because I just deteted and added and got WAY LUCKY!!! I am afraid this may break later and I don't know why. I would like to understand what it could hurt that I removed 2 blitMask updates. This scares me that I got luck. also the addEventlistner would NOT work as a blitMask. I had to change it to the var mc. the small changes to make it work. I had to REMOVE 2 blitMask updates and add the mc after the dot in the blitMask section. blitMask = new BlitMask(mc.flagButton, bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height, false);
  8. Hummm ok Let's try this. Can you help me? This is all I am trying to do. I need to figure out a way to get MC's "like this" in the future into your awesome plugin and working. In this case I need to have the MC called "flagButton" controlled by greensock. I am including a link to the zipped folder you you can test it. http://www.massmediamail.com/testing/GreensockRocks.zip Here is my code alone: import flash.filesystem.File; B1.btext.text = "Press me 1st"; B2.btext.text = "Press me 2nd"; var folderLanguages:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("Languages");
  9. Thanks for the update. I got excited, sadly I am getting this error after adding that code right after the addchild TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at com.greensock::BlitMask/update()[C:\User\yadaya\com\greensock\BlitMask.as:295] For Example: mc = new MovieClip; addChild(mc); blitMask.update(null,true); mc.addChild(flagButton); mc.alpha = .3; is not working... the alpha works when I don't add a my.addChildren(flagbutton);
  10. I am really bummed its not easy to find an example of how to use throwProps with a movie clip. Is there an example or several to see or use? When where we can have a menu button like the iphone... or the MovieClip flicks as if it was text but its a movieclip Thanks
  11. Ok I figured some of it. I got my mc to move via throwprops, HOWEVER, now my flags are gone. I am loading a dynamicly loaded mc and dynamically loaded flags. I know I am doing it right. This must be an error in greensock script perhaps? Its not showing children of children? import flash.filesystem.File; var folderLanguages:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("Languages"); var availLang:Array = folderLanguages.getDirectoryListing(); var Lang:Array; var LangPath:Array; var flagButton:MovieClip; function getLang(evt:Event) { Lang = new Array(); LangPath = new Array(); for (var i:
  12. thanks for the awesome tip. I was sooo sleepy when I posted this. I could not even think to hit enter. Anyway, that seemed to do it but for some reason throwprops is not picking it up. Its not moving. The alpha for flagButton works but its not being moved by throwProps. Not sure why. I have Maybe there is something blocking it? Humm I know the script is connected properly because I tested it with the movieClip B1 and it work. .
  13. Following code gets this error: Parameter child must be non-null. Just trying to get several movieClips into one and laoding that one into throwprops.. What am I doing wrong? GETS ERROR: Parameter child must be non-null. import flash.filesystem.File; var folderLanguages:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("Languages"); var availLang:Array = folderLanguages.getDirectoryListing(); var Lang:Array; var LangPath:Array; var flagButton:MovieClip; function getLang(evt:Event) { Lang = new Array(); LangPath = new Array(); for (var i:uint = 0; i < availLang.length; i++) {
  14. I am getting strange spaces in my Android at the top, like ten pixels of white space when I use throwprops and I am getting the same white space on the iphone on the left, about 15 pixels. Here is my code below. What am I missing? I just noticed I have the imports in there twice but I don't think that should matter. This is my first time I actually got throwprops to work on an App. I am very excited to see what can be done. flagButton.width = stage.stageWidth - 50; flagButton.scaleY = flagButton.scaleX; flagButton.x = stage.stageWidth/2 - flagButton.width/2; import com.greensock.*; i