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  1. Hey @GreenSock! Sorry for confusing you, it definitely was a typo on my end. Good news: the bug is gone! No more scrolling to top with enabled scroll-behavior:smooth and your latest beta, yay. Probably I used the wrong beta last time, oops. Thanks so much for your time & help! ❤️
  2. Hey @GreenSock, thanks so much for your explanation! The newest beta is not resolving my described issue I was not able to find any uncompressed sources from 3.11.2, so I did some debugging with enabled scroll-behaviour:auto on latest stable 3.11.1. On every scrollEnd, ScrollTrigger performs a _softRefresh(). Maybe that's the "refresh" you described in your last post, not sure There is a _scrollCacheFunc called for every _scroller object, which restores (?) a cached pageY offset. For some reason the cached offsets _win.pageYOffset and _docEl[_scrollTop] are 0. That's the reason why the page is scrolling back to 0. After removing the scroll-behaviour property the cached offsets are correct. But yeah, it feels like there is an interference between ScrollTrigger and the browsers scroll transition (and Nuxt / Vue ?). To be honest, I was not able to understand all the code I've seen, which is why I can't really recommend a proper fix, except to remove the scroll-behaviour property on my end. Maybe it's a good thing to console.warn() the dev about the fact this css property can cause some weird behaviour?
  3. Interesting, thanks for your support. I did not know that there are issues with scroll-behavior: smooth and ScrollTrigger. I want to add a smooth scrolling effect for anchor links on my page, that's the reason for using this property. There aren't any issues when using older iOS or when I don't use Nuxt. So with a plain HTML project or in a CodePen everything seems to be working, also on iOS 16.0 and with scroll-behavior: smooth. Super weird, but maybe I have to find another approach without that css property
  4. On iOS 16 Safari with Nuxt V3 and GSAP ScrollTrigger and scroll-behavior: smooth; in my stylesheet, the page automatically scrolls back to top when scroll animation has ended. I'm absolutely not sure if this is related to GSAP Scroll Trigger or if this is an iOS 16.0 bug 🤐 I already tried latest Beta v.3.11.2, which has the same effect. Screencast On the left side you'll see an older iOS 14.x release, on the right side the latest iOS 16.0. https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1102712/191813194-b7d8b2d5-08e8-4c42-bfc8-18bd5440872f.mov Workaround Remove scroll-behavior: smooth; or remove scrollTrigger or use an older iOS version Reproduction (Nuxt v3) https://stackblitz.com/edit/github-gwd8gb?file=app.vue