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  2. Still having my own issues with this, I cannot seem to get any traction on zooming in to the M. Once I use the updated svg it just sort of floats off the page.
  3. I'm building a horizontal scroll website using scrollTrigger plugin. It works fine on mousewheel & mousedrag. But I need to scroll to specific sectons using <a> links & update the same to scrollTrigger plugin. I managed to click & scroll to specific section, but for some reason scrollTrigger won't work with mousewheel after this. I also noted that default mousewheel uses % values instead of px.
  4. Hey! I build an intro animation in which at some point a 'curtain' parts and gives way to the page behind. So far so good. Now i want to pause the animation sequence before opening the curtain and give the visitor a chance to scroll open said curtain. (If she doesn't do it I'll have play it independently.)