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  1. Hi, i want to achieve this, from the beginning the screen should look like this both greensock and right side greensock will be shown then normaly data changing while scrolling the end of the scroll i want this, Somebody help. I'm stuck on this while..
  2. @mvaneijgenHow can i make the first item active? like on scroll down or scroll up the first item should be opacity:1;
  3. @mvaneijgen Hi, I got the width dynamically for .data-whole, also added a class active for each item and adding a active class, so i can show only that active class item ( with the help of css) even though it still lacks the perfection. its not snapping to the left of risk management div. i donno what to do. hope you help through it. latest codepen: https://codepen.io/vishnusrt/pen/jOxmZPb
  4. is there any way to show 1 item per scroll..? like only one item show per scroll.. now three items showing in the area. instead of horizontal scroll can we achieve this with a fade in and fadeout?
  5. @mvaneijgen Hi, https://codepen.io/vishnusrt/pen/jOxmZPb , how can i manage to do 1 item per scroll? like if i scroll the date should align left of Risk management. also i need to active this with a single scroll, just like a carousel slide a single item with a arrow click.. it would be nice if you can guide me to do the same. eg:https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/rNLOdbB a similar scrolling experience, like an instant-snappy movement but horizontal.
  6. @mvaneijgen how can i increase the speed of horizontal scroll? like one scroll entire one section would animate to next section?
  7. I really appreciate your effort and support. agin thank you so much!! ❤️
  8. there are five content horizontal sliders in the design, i want to achieve this, like each slide become active the round shape will rotate clock-wisely, after scroll up it'll rotate to normal state. Ive tried my level best, but couldn't figure it out. I'm a noob in gsap and js. hope some one helps me.