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  1. @GSAP Helper Thanks for the reminder of the link. I just took down the first photo. @GSAP Helper & @Geoff Dawes Thank you both so much for the help! @Geoff Dawes Thanks for the step by step instructions, I would've never thought to rename the file with a .txt extension! That helped a ton!
  2. Hey @Geoff Dawes can you post what gave you the light bulb moment? I'm still having trouble trying to link Scroll Smoother. I watched the <script> tutorial on the site and my site is still not working. Btw in the second image code sandbox keeps correcting my '#smoothwrapper' to double quotes. In the tutorial Green Sock had she used single quotes. Don't know if this may be the issue? Also I am using Webflow. I was going to pull the file from dropbox, unless you could recommend a better efficient way? I have both ScrollSmoother and Scroll Trigger registered. Any help or links to other videos is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. @Rodrigo Thank you so much! For some reason I thought I put a coma there but then I missed it. I appreciate it! I attempted to use the console but ended up giving up at looking at it cause it wasn't making sense to me. Now I'm starting to connect more dots. Thanks again!
  4. For some reason whenever I try to use GSAP animations on my site it does not work. I felt like I checked everything. I double checked it on a new fresh Webflow site too. I am following the steps provided in the youtube link below. I have deleted and rechecked multiple times. I've tried putting the code in the project setting tab where you can insert code and also the embed feature that Webflow has. I made sure to put code in the "before</body> tag". Code I used is below. Any help is supppppper appreciated thank you so much! Code used: <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/3.8.0/gsap.min.js"></script> <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/3.8.0/ScrollTrigger.min.js"></script> <script> gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger); ScrollTrigger.defaults({ markers: false }); // Animate From $(".section_home_intro").each(function (index) { let triggerElement = $(this); let targetElement = $(".nav_logo"); let tl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: triggerElement, // trigger element - viewport start: "top top", end: "bottom top", scrub: 1 } }); tl.from(targetElement, { width: "100%", y: "90%" duration: 1 }); }); </script> Webflow site-link: https://ratunuman-com.webflow.io Youtube Tutorial I'm following: https://youtu.be/x-BVEhyYW50 Please let me know if there is any other details I could provide. Thank you again!