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  1. Thanks a lot for your answer and solution!!!
  2. Hi I have a list of similar items but 1- my code is not able to target each block individualy to change the mask scale. Can someone help me? 2- Is a way to fix the hover problems? I mean re-hover or something runs the animation twice! "play none none none" works here?
  3. Guys I have a question. I have this timeline but the thing is it only runs: gsap.set(".mask-img-reveal",{transformOrigin: "bottom center", scaleY:0, opacity:"100"}); var tl = gsap.timeline({paused: true, onComplete:function(){tl.kill()}}); tl.to(".mask-img-reveal",{transformOrigin: "bottom center", scaleY:1, duration:1}) .to(".mask-img-reveal",{transformOrigin: "top center", scaleY:0, duration:1}); $( ".people-img" ).hover( function() { tl.play(); } ); I have no idea how I can make it run everytime the hover event happens.
  4. momo12

    Hover for each

    Guys I have two buttons (Labels!) .... Everything is working but how I can run the code for each button? Currently, when I hover over one button --> Both buttons will get animated! I want to run the code for each button on hover.
  5. momo12

    Random Elements

    I forgot to say Thank you for your solution! Thanks a lot!!
  6. momo12

    Random Elements

    Sorry I mean how can I define this happens to 5 items at once (then we revert their opacity back to 1 and choose 5 other circles? Do you think Stagger would help?
  7. momo12

    Random Elements

    @GreenSockrepeat will define the nunber of items? Why it stops? I need yoyo?
  8. Hello guy, Can someone help me to understand what I must do to let green circle only moves within the red circle? I'm using GSAP. I know how to do it for a page I just don't know how it works for an element.
  9. momo12

    Random Elements

    Guys I have a bunch of circle elements. I want to target 5 of them each time randomly (Their order must be random) and set their opacity to 0. This repeats forever! I have used Stagger but have no idea why it's not working!
  10. Now it looks like this: https://codepen.io/emdesigner-or/pen/ZERzyYL
  11. Thanks for your answer @GreenSock The footer element is not visible. I'm using the width and height of the scrollable section... But is there a js code to calculate that?
  12. I just started learning Horizontal scrolling. Can someone guide me on what I must do to fix the horizontal section? Is is possible to use a value instead of number for the X and End? So, we don't need to calculate that manually! The footer is not visible in this example.
  13. Guys a question. why the Onleave runs before even we scroll down?