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  1. OMG! YOU @Rodrigo are a LEGEND!!!!!! It's works! 🥳
  2. Thanks @Rodrigo ! I'll give that a go.
  3. Hi there I new around here and also to GSAP. I have to develop a carousel like effect of items sliding in and a description fading in/out on each item (but only if the item is centre stage). What I'm trying to achieve (on scroll/scrub) is to pin the container and slide the items in and out. The tricky part is that it starts on "item-2" (doesn't show description first time) then slide "item-2" to the right and "item-1" in. It feels like I'm waaaay off base. I'm using Timelines - but it feels "jumpy" and not smooth left to right, right to left motions. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!