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  1. I tried putting that code snippet into an "onLoaderInit" function, and attaching the event like this: mLoader.addEventListener(Event.INIT, onLoaderInit); But the function is never called. I'm guessing that's not what you meant by //run as soon as the Loader's INIT event is dispatched: And that I'm not testing this properly. Let me know what to do so I can test this for you?
  2. Nope, doesn't crash. That one works just fine Does it matter which version I use in my project, out of the test SWFLoader versions that didn't crash?
  3. Certainly! The "with RSL" is the one that works for me Does that help you know what's wrong? Thanks!
  4. I assumed this would work the same on the desktop as well as the device, so I only tried it on the desktop. It was fine, no error or trace statement. I even added an else to that if: if (e.target.content is AVM1Movie) { trace("old swf"); } else { trace("All ok"); } And it prints "All ok". 2. Still crashes. 3. BRILLIANT!!! Perfect, that worked wonderfully! It downloads and plays just fine, now. Thank you so much for all your help; you have my eternal gratitude. You have no idea how happy I am that this is working! Wow, okay, so excited. Can I simply
  5. Yep, the ImageLoader works great (tested it with images from the same place on the server as that samplevid.swf). The Security.allowDomain(FILE_PATH) still crashes the program even on the desktop, so I removed that after putting all your suggestions back in. With all your other suggestions included, though, and with a swf that contained nothing but an image imported to the stage, it still crashed when I loaded it on the device with LoaderMax (and still works fine when I use a regular loader). No, I'm not doing any of those things that you mentioned. I am loading both the swf and an externa
  6. Thanks so much for your help; I really, really appreciate it! I love LoaderMax and was using it for images in other projects before now; I would really love to get it working with these remote swfs on iOS. It prints "Desktop", even on the phone, which seems rather odd... Is it supposed to do that? I get this error immediately when the program starts, even running it on the desktop: SecurityError: Error #3207: Application-sandbox content cannot access this feature. at flash.system::Security$/allowDomain() When I run it on the device, the error is the same but the "at" is in a
  7. Hi, Do you have any other thoughts as to why this might be happening? I've kept playing with it and no matter what swf I use, no matter how simple, it works with a simple loader but fails with LoaderMax. Thanks!
  8. 1. I am using the latest version (downloaded again today just to be sure!) 2. Sort of; when I load a different swf I don't get the "Icon" and "FLVPlayback" error messages, but it still crashes (only on the device, not the desktop). It just crashes without any output. 3. No. It still crashes with the same output on the device. 4. When I run that and trace the className, I get: flash.display::MovieClip Something I meant to say earlier... It does actually download the swf, because I get this output: [sWF] /staging/AA/Test/samplevid.swf - 1168992 bytes after decompressio
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply! That's unfortunate to hear, because I'm not using FLVPlayback anywhere in my code and I've never even *heard* of an Icon class. (I tried googling to find out what the Icon class was, but I couldn't find anything.) When I use a simple URLRequest and Loader instead of LoaderMax, everything works just fine; I get no errors and the video plays properly. So when I saw the words turn blue inside the SWFLoader constructor (after trying that on a whim) I thought I'd found the problem as something I was doing wrong with LoaderMax. Thanks for letting me know that the
  10. I have an AIR for iOS application where I'm downloading remote swfs and then playing them. When I was using a generic loader this worked exactly as intended, but I wanted to switch to LoaderMax. When I use LoaderMax SWFLoader to download the swfs, it works fine when I test in Debug mode on the desktop. However when I run the app on the iPhone, I get these errors: ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable Icon is not defined. ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable FLVPlayback is not defined. I've searched the documentation and code files for SWFLoader and its base classes, but