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  1. That's also my question. When I added ScrollSmoother, it changed the height of body. Here's my original demo. https://codepen.io/lena-pont/pen/abGbZgJ
  2. Hello, I'm having a problem setting up ScrollSmoother. I wrapped an original animation with ScrollTrigger by ScrollSmoother. Now, ScrollTigger doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry if I'm asking a silly question.
  3. I think this demo is better to ask questions. https://codepen.io/lena-pont/pen/abGbZgJ When I loop back to top I don't want to see the animation reversing. I want to see the first frame immediately. Also, I want a smooth transition from the end to the start because the scroll pushes me back to the end if the velocity is not enough. Is it something I should work on snap? I found a solution here! Thank you!
  4. Hi Jack, Thank you. Your suggestion was clear. I tried, but I couldn't figure out how to pass setSection() to sub-timeline's duration...😭 About labels, I added labels to master and that worked😄 const masterTl = gsap .timeline({ paused: true }) .addLabel("nav0") .add(blueTl()) .addLabel("nav1") .add(redTl()) .addLabel("nav2") .add(orangeTl()) .addLabel("nav3") .add(purpleTl()) .addLabel("nav4") .add(greenTl());
  5. Thank you for the response. I maybe my explanation wasn't enough. I customized the original demo of looping and added simple animations of scale down text and fading in photos in each <panel>. What I expect is see all animations while the scrolltrigger to <body> is looping and go back to the beginning. Now, the scrub animation in the blue panel is not completed because the red panel comes in before its end. I trid changing the height of each panels and pinned, but that didn't work.
  6. For Q2., I found a helper function on Doc. Maybe, this solves a problem. https://greensock.com/docs/v3/HelperFunctions#overscroll
  7. Hi there, I'd like to make a website with scrub animation that loops. I have 3 questions. Q1. I used the demo on Code Pen and it got very close, but there are some problems. I want to have animations in each section that also scrub. It's working but a section moves to next before completing the animation in a current section. When I changed the height of window, end position of ScrollTrigger for an animation if the current position to end, it messed up and didn't work. Do you have a solution? Q2. I made a master timeline and added timeline of each section. It seems snap to labels are not working. Doesn't snap work for nested timeline? Q3. Maybe related to Q2. I made navigation links for each section (under the ScrollTrigger logo), but I got the error like below and labelToScroll doesn't work. It worked when I made one long timeline instead of adding short timelines to one master timeline. Making one timeline is the only solution? Hope someone would respond soon... Thank you.