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  1. Thank you, that works! 😄 If I might add a suggestion this is knowledge that any JavaScript framework user might find useful so perhaps it would be wise to update the Flip documentation to at least include a mention of it under "Caveats & Tips" because I would have never thought of it even after reading the documentation. In an ideal scenario having examples for at least one popular JavaScript framework would be great because it would let you translate the concept to other JavaScript frameworks.
  2. Thank you for making this great plugin! 🙏 I'm trying to recreate the Shuffle and FLIP example in Svelte but I have run into a problem where it doesn't work when you reparent elements. gsap-flip.mp4 🔗 Svelte REPL https://svelte.dev/repl/0ebcbfc6eacb457f954cee131cc2075c?version=3.49.0 I understand how declarative JavaScript frameworks like Svelte recreate those elements when you change them but I assumed when it came to the FLIP technique that it only cared about the before and after changes based on some identifier like data-flip-id. I made another example using Flipping.js where it works as expected. flip.mp4 🔗 Svelte REPL https://svelte.dev/repl/9f36c3b2a6504f9c9522cc8cf54e10fa?version=3.49.0 Thank you for your help! 😄