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  1. hi drNo77, Just put it in a loop and you won't have to repeat copy and paste the same tween again https://codepen.io/tcb2307/pen/PoBvGbj
  2. https://codepen.io/tcb2307/pen/OJwPWWN?editors=1111 In my opinion, you need to use forEach() in order to have a seperate timeline for each dot. P/S: PointC is already faster than me so you can apply his way. Anyways just want to show you another way to achieve it 😁.
  3. Hi, this is a very simple animation using clip-path with svg that you can start with: https://codepen.io/tcb2307/pen/XWYoYER
  4. Thanks a lot @GreenSock. This is exactly the answer I am looking for and it also helps me understand how svg works. I really appreciate you spending time writing that function to clear up the problem I face. Hope you have a great day
  5. Hi all, First time working with DrawSVG so I don't fully understand how it works with drawing. As you can see from my codepen, I set the time for 10s but it only takes about 2-3s to finish drawing the house and when I check on browser, the stroke value is still running even through the house and tree is already completed. Can anyone help me set up the correct time for the img to draw exactly with the time set ? Thanks a lot
  6. Hi Adan, If I am understanding right, is this the effect you want ? https://codepen.io/tcb2307/pen/XWYJVrz Sorry if my code is a bit messy.
  7. hi kmytor, You mistype "scrub" with "scrup"
  8. Andy Bui

    Register Plugin

    Hi everyone, I have a small concern about the bonus plugin that using in projects. I am loading the plugin via <script> tag and tag the js file via /minified files. And without "gsap.registerPlugin()", I still can use the plugin as usual. Do I need to put the register code in the project if selling to other clients to ensure the plugin can be used without any problems ? Thank you in advance.