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  1. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone had any suggestions to help with dealing with some scroll jitter on older Mac machines with Safari + Trackpads. We have an animation that uses pinning and scrubbing (like scrolly telling) that has some gnarly jitter on older macs with a trackpad. It doesn't appear on OSX 12.5, scrolling with a mouse, scrolling with the keypad, or any other browser. I tried to create a repro using codepen, and I can't. The code pen works on the machine's that don't work! But it's the exact same code, with the frame around it, so I expect that it might be a re-draw setting with the pin value. But setting the parent container to absolute or anything doesn't fix it. :mindblown: Any suggestions about where to dig in further, or how to address this would be appreciated. Codepen (working, same code) is https://codepen.io/emarchak-the-looper/pen/ZExgQZM Live website (not working, same code) is https://goodwatercap.com/about Video of the bug is https://www.loom.com/share/d462af5973b74ebfb1cf856930b25227