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  1. Thank you Jack, really appreciate the efforts you put to fix all the issues and for providing such a great support.
  2. Hello again, I've been altering timeline duration (that previously had duration of 1 second) to timeline.duration( 5 ) however when I check timeline.timeScale() it returns still 1 (and also the animation duration is not affected at all), shouldn't that be different? Am I doing anything wrong or this is an issue of current version of GSAP. For more please refer to the codepen example.
  3. arl1nd

    Namespace GSAP build

    Thank you for helping with this. Really appreciate it! The solution from @OSUblake seems to do the trick as a quick fix.
  4. arl1nd

    Namespace GSAP build

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to namespace "gsap" instance to avoid conflicts with other libraries that import gsap explicitly. Main reason behind this is because I develop WordPress themes, and so other plugins may include gsap library in different versions as well, so what I wanted is a custom build only for my theme and not interfere with other possible instances of GSAP. How can this be done? I know this may not be a good practice to include two or more versions of GSAP on page but with Wordpress this issue needs to be resolved this way I guess. Thank you
  5. Dear Jack, Thank you for taking into consideration and adding this intuitive logic for unlinked tweens from their parent timeline to live forever free (until added again). Now I feel I am more in control of the detached tweens because the way it was behaving before was harder to control the animation and parent timeline. Keep up with the great work, Arlind
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I am writing about an issue that is messing my mind. The example is simple so you can try on your own, lets start with timeline and three children: var t = gsap.timeline( { paused: true } ), myObj = { width: 0 }, a = gsap.to( myObj, { duration: 0.8, width: '+=100' } ), b = gsap.to( myObj, { duration: 0.7, width: '+=200' } ), c = gsap.to( myObj, { duration: 1.1, width: '+=300' } ); t.add( [a, b, c] ); After that, removing the tween "b" works fine: t.remove( b ); So by calling t.getChildren( false ) returns 2 tweens which is also fine. However, when I tweak the "b" tween after removing it from timeline "t" it causes unexpected behavior for me at least. Lets say for example setting progress to 50%: b.progress( 0.5 ) The timeline will return 3 tweens again, and the "b" tween is assigned as the first element in timeline that is previously removed from. Is there anything here I am doing wrong? Thank you. P.S. The same code works differently (correct) with version 2.1.3 of GSAP -> https://bit.ly/2tMK2C6
  7. Hi I am theme developer in ThemeForest and I use GSAP for my theme, more exactly I use TweenMax because of advanced functionality it offers, however the problem is that when user purchase my theme, they include some sort of plugins, which in this case one of them uses TweenLite library, so its conflict error and GreenSock gives me this error: http://cl.ly/ZTax So, what is the best solution in this case, I must use TweenMax, while other plugins may include or not TweenLite as well. Thank you very much
  8. arl1nd

    License Information

    Hello, I am wondering if I am able to use (include) the GSAP Javascript platform in my upcoming product on Envato, precisely on ThemeForest WordPress theme, by purchasing the Corporate license? Waiting answer from the developer Jack Doyle Thank you in advance