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  1. Many thanks again for your help Rodrigo. I've made progress and all working now. Final working version here in case someone else has the same problem. In the end there was no need to unbind/bind the click as recommended by Rodrigo: http://jsbin.com/irixuk/109/edit
  2. Thx Jack and Rodrigo for your suggestions. I understand - thought it was something like that but couldn't pinpoint it. I am pretty new to Javascript - whick console do you use to watch the execution of the code? I have removed the click bindings and seem to have what I think is a pretty straight fwd example implementing Rodrigo's suggested approach above - but reverse animation not working at all now when the close button is clicked. It must be obvious - can you see where I am going wrong? Have updated the example - http://jsbin.com/irixuk/88/edit thx Dave
  3. I've been struggling with an issue for some time now and have exhausted all suggestions of a fix. I play and reverse an animation a few times and then suddenly the animation starts reversing to a certain point and stops. As I continue to run and reverse the animation, less and less of the full animation is reversed (presumably because the start point is shifting out). Tracking it in Chrome's "Inspect Element" I can see the CSS properties are left at a point indicating incomplete reversal. I have tried: tl.set(objectToAnimate, {clearProps:"all"}); tl.clear(); tl.kill(); Also tried dele