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  1. Actually it is a strange thing, it works differently in Safari and on Windows etc. it doesn't even work consistently after reloading in Safari on Mac sometimes. @skipper42 as well as my self experienced something akin to scroll pausing / blocking and it still 'feels like' most of the times I looked. It might be, that ist actually a fixed video container that is released after scrolling the (hidden) background for a while or it might be time triggered... Also I never thought that it wouldn't be doable (probably better) with. Old persistent guy I am I still would love to have a
  2. @GreenSock You did understand my request perfectly, and I wasn't really expecting it to be easy. I don't know if you have taken a closer look to the op's original example of the iPhone site and the lidar video. In my mind in that case it adds a lot of value. We all try to use scrollTrigger to do engaging work - especially with the great scrubbing feature we have a great way of handing over contol to the user. But the attention span is what it is and to have the option to subtly take back control and tell a story within the story fells like an interesting option. But could be just me...
  3. @Cassie Thanks for the Example with the current label. That will most likely help a lot the next time I will want to use it in earnest. As I most often work with more or less encapsulated classes getting the reference to the timeline should be no problem. Still I would think that under certain circumstances it might be profitable to get it inside the callback directly like direction etc. Regarding resistance: You are right insofar as the snapping to the position is concerned. I was thinking about the leaving of the snapped in position (like in the iPhone-lidar video) In situations
  4. Is box 3 the last box in you setup? Then you just could kill the scrollTrigger? But a minimal demo really would help, probably ever a link to a more complex dev-sit could help understanding you setup a bit better....
  5. @skipper42 I looked at the iPhone Page and curiously it didn't do anything fancy for me on windows chrome, only when i looked on Mac Safari the magic happend. (Don't know it it's just me, or if the really do it way..) I assume you mean the lidar-section that 'pauses' the scrolling until the animation/video is finished. I'd thing that one simple way to do it that way is by snapping scrollTrigger to that section. And then blocking mouse/scroll interaction for the full-screen element e.g. with pointer-events:none and at the end of the animation remove that 'block'. (Pointe
  6. Not that I would do things like that at all. But I have to admit, that sometimes I wish I could have... Not very often, but it happens from time to time that a client (often connected to changes in management) want's to 'cut costs' and thinks that a junior developer could take over for less money, or an other agency wants to get into the project by under-biting me... I'm tempted to sue over my intellectual right that they give away to a competitor. No solution, and as I said it does not happen often, but still...
  7. I don't have any issue with pseudo elements, nor am I above using empty spans etc. it's just that in this case it should be very straight forward. A box that we want a shadow for, should be one line of css and one line of js to animate. As I said I did not want to criticise you at all - on the contrary. I just was saying that In this case there should in my mind be no need for anything...
  8. @Cassie used to to that often in the past, and I'm usually a fan of finding clever solutions like that over high power resource hungry approaches. But I this case putting semantically unnecessary <span>s in the page or building komplex pseudo-elements for a drop-shadow seems so 1990s. Sometimes I feel that we should not spent time and thought on working around limitations that really make no sense in todays browsers.... But that's just me ranting no critique at all.
  9. One follow up question: Do you have a version without the custom-scroll script that works, even if clumsy? maybe that could help narrowing it down...
  10. Ok, that seems plausible to me, also great fan that i am of @GreenSock I have my doubts about anyone else having more powerful magic to force rendering engines into submission than him. But it is possibel. But I think that with this further explanation the great ones might be able to help you. I will follow the thread and if I have more time on my hands I'll give it try myself.
  11. Without having worked through all you code and not even fully understanding what it is you want to achieve on small screens I'd like to share my way of (sometimes) tackling similar situations; If possible i work wit gasp.from tweens. The advantage ist, that i define the target position in css (with media-queries) anyway I want. The animation from the outside or from small happens than always to the given position the css. No need for queries and conditions in the js code that way. It ist surely possible and sometimes necessary to work with matchMedia in srollTrigger, b
  12. Hi, I have looked at what you provided, and I have to admit, I didn't get far. I'm hopeful for you that some of the greater minds here will be able to help you, but also I'm rather sure this really isn't a gsap issue at the core. You mention three.js but as far as I can tell it's not (yet) used in the example you provided (?) - and if I do understand you, you think that the three.js part will only work with the custom scroller you've been provided with. I myself have only toed with the idea of using three.js but didn't really use it up to today, but from following the discuss
  13. Hope this isn't a dumb question... I totally forgot about the TextPlugin du to a lot of fancy newer stuff I guess, but I was remembered by a question here yesterday - and as it happens I had the 'idea' of using it to expand text . I would like to have the first one or two sentences on the page and depending on some action i would like to show the rest word by word. As far as I can remember and read in the docs, the TextPlugin only replaces one text (or none) with new text. Is there an option to start at a certain position or have a certain length not changed. (The text ist pro
  14. You don't have to use toggle. Try onEnter
  15. You could try filter: drop-shadow is has some limitations compared to box shadow but usually has better performance.