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  1. @GreenSock Thank you so much for your help, i got it working now
  2. Hi @OSUblake Please how do i use the <script> tags in sveltekit
  3. @GreenSock thank you very much, the script tag doesn't work in svelteKit for some reason i tried importing from the dist and it logs an error to the console Invalid property scrollTrigger set to Object { trigger: div.w-[100px].h-[100px].bg-red-500.rounded }Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() gsap-core.js:87:17 this is the error
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to gsap and i just started yesterday, I'm using sveltekit and vite for my project just so i can get comfortable with using gsap in my svelte projects, Normal gsap animations work in my project but for some reason the scrollTrigger doesn't below are images of my code and the error it outputs please how can i solve this