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  1. Hello, everyone! My problem is when I scroll camera works good but closer to the end its stopping moving smoothly. At the video I will show how its should work I was inspired by this web-site :)) And as I said, I have some little problems.. This how is working right now: Sorry for music :))))
  2. Now its dont move properly by the end. I don't have any idea how to solve it
  3. My camera lags very much.. I dont know why. When its reaches trigger 5 its rotates and then it becomes normal. and when its reaches trigger 7 its lives own life:(
  4. I need to move camera on scroll. Im trying do somthing similar like this https://virtual.plus-ex.com/showroom when you enter easy mode camera moves and rotate automaticly on scroll. I want to turn camera on Y: -11 when its reach 800 pixels with animation. In my codepen its already works but without animation
  5. I set -11 because the camera should be looking at the wall with pictures.
  6. Hello, tommorow I should show this gallery to some important people. The problem is, why on trigger 4 camera rotates 7 times around its axi? how can I solve it?