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  1. what's a good way of doing this if you've done this before? Thanks!
  2. Here is an example image that may help illustrate what I'm talking about.
  3. Like...suppose you're on a website and you have a button [+] whatever you want to style the button to be. It then shows the collection of shapes where you can click and drag on to a blank slate and then manipulate however you choose.
  4. Hello Guys! I'm new here to Greensock and excited to be a part of the community! I shall continue to contribute as well. I'm new to SVGs and working on some pretty cool stuff. As you can see here from this URL, I have a group of shapes (currently as a cluster) and they are SVGs. Does anyone have experience on how I can create a folder toggle button and it shows the shapes as a collection? I already have the drag and drown functionality built in. Thanks for the assistance!