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  1. Carl, fantastic. In an isolated case, this is EXACTLY what I needed. I have to fit it in with other things going on around this, and pass in complete, and possibly reverse, event handlers, but this is an awesome start! Rich
  2. I should add that the result I get when I try to reverse each individual tween (as when I'm using getChildren() on the timeline) is that they just pop out. Also, I like the Timeline use because all my events are set-level, not individual tween-level. So, if I play and reverse a timeline, i can use complete and reverse event handlers, etc If I play the timeline, but reverse the tweens, it's a bit more of a pain.
  3. Hey, guys! I'm wondering the best way to setup a somewhat complex situation in which I can control tweens (TweenMax) from multiple timelines (TimelineMax) and/or from timelines and the tweens themselves. This is too involved for a CodePen, but it's likely just conceptual and I'll clarify, further. Here are some givens: I'm using drawSVG, but I think the analogy can apply to any tween. For simplicity, imagine a simple x tween in all cases 5 sets of 5 unique tweens (resulting in 25 unique tweens). need to animate each set in sequentially, but out simultanously. that is, "1,2,3,4,5 in"