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  1. https://codepen.io/bharathparihar/pen/xxWXMGQ I meant I third animation works but the first animation isnt working.(it works when I place the animation container in last even I change its position it misbehaves. ) and the Cassie's example have many issues like padding, start and stop positions and also why it does the end shifts when section width is increased?
  2. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/bGVjLwG Can I get animation like the orange and purple. I cant figure out a way to pin section with animation
  3. how to pin orange panel until it finishes like above codepen and also purple panel
  4. hey there, I tried a lot to get this effect in horizontal scroll but I couldn't achieve the second section where it pins to the screen until it completes the progress or third section animation