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  1. Hi. I have created the project. I stored the gltf file in fire base. https://codepen.io/samruddha17/pen/NWYaWvJ This is the link to my project. But my gltf file is not loading
  2. I created an account on codepen. yeah sure.
  3. Thank you for your response. But I am not sure how to use threejs with codepen. Is there any other way you could help?
  4. Hi I am using scrollTrigger. But when I am trying to scroll the object scales too much and does not go back to original size when scrolled up. What I want to do is, on scrolling down the mesh should scale and then on scrolling up it should go back to its original size. I am getting a problem with scrub. I even tries different scrub values. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU Untitled.mp4