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  1. Thanks Carl. So, I currently have one player that works with a play/pause button (www.davidjopperman.com in the theatre section. And within that I can confirm that the video and the sound both get paused. stopCurrentVideo was a public function I set up within the custom class to make sure I could access that class. (it had a simple trace statement in it) pauseVideo was based off of your suggestion. (unless i defined pauseVideo as a function because I added parathesis at the end ??? ) my custom class for video2DMC video3DMC, and testVidMC are the essentially they same they will ju
  2. no. that didnt work i get undefined property error returned..... stop(); var container:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); var currentPage:String = new String(); var twoDVid:video2DMC; var threeDVid:video3DMC; var testVid:testVidMC; twoDMovies_btn.buttonMode = true; threeDMovies_btn.buttonMode = true; testAnimations_btn.buttonMode = true; twoDMovies_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goMovies); threeDMovies_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goMovies); testAnimations_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goMovies); function removeMovies(e:MouseEvent) { switc
  3. ok. i will get that a shot today. thanks!
  4. Thank you in advance. Great VideoLoader, love its features. I am having a sound issue though. I have three MCs in my FLA linked to the Main document. I load each video player into a dummy container on a mouse click event and am able to remove the content from the container. However, the sound keeps playing. I tried creating a dummy function with the Main class to pauseVideo but it comes back as undefined. i can trace (myMC.showVideo and return the fact that it is a function function {} so i know i can get into the class.) So, simply how would i stop the sound using multiple loaders within