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  1. Thank you for the examples! I'm getting some good ideas on "How To"
  2. Hello! here's the codepen: https://codepen.io/aeroldb/pen/ZExeaBJ So what I'm trying to do is when I scroll to another section. The direction of the boxes will change to all boxes going down the screen(it will stop going to the right and the direction of the animation changes). When I go back to the previous section. The animation for the boxes will go back to section 1 animation(which is all boxes going out of the screen to the right). When I scroll back up, the whole resets too, which shouldn't, I want it to be smooth. How do I fix this? Thank you very much! I'm still learning gsap
  3. Hello. I was wondering where could I find a similar example to the effect of the directionally smart that can be found here I'm trying to make a website where the direction of the stars will go in a different direction infinitely. Thank you very much!