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  1. Thanks Carl! That is very good advice. I will create a new app that has the sole purpose of transferring the small amount of data you recommended. To answer your questions. No, I can't tell if the request.data is making it to the server. (I don't know if the way I am doing it is even communicating to the server???) Unfortunately, I am VERY new to php and xml, and somewhat new to as3. I don't even know if what I am trying is the right way to send and receive data. I am comfortable loading the XML document from the server. Other than that, I am lost in the world of send and receive. Looks like, I still have a long way to go.... Thanks again for your reply and I will try and post back if I am able to get this working. Adam
  2. I can't figure something out. I am trying to: Simply stated, I have loaded an XML doc. Changed it within Flash. I then want to update the XML doc on the server. Then reload the XML back into Flash. I have one main .xml document - "StudentXML.xml" (This is the file I want to overwrite with new info - it is also the file I read from with the application begins.) And one main .php document - "index.php" (sorry for my crappy naming standards..) Here is the PHP code I found (hoping it would do what I wanted) located in "index.php": <?php $filename = "StudentXML.xml"; $raw_xml = file_get_contents("php://input"); print $raw_xml; $fp = fopen($filename, "w"); fwrite($fp, $raw_xml); fclose($fp); ?> Here is my data I want to change and see transfered to the server to overwrite the current XML Document. At this point, I have already loaded, accessed, and read my StudentXML.xml within Flash. var newLogin:XML = <badge>eStudioLogin</badge>; studentXML.id.(@number == studentID.toString()).allBadgeNames.prependChild(newLogin); studentXML.id.(@number == studentID.toString()).badgesEarned = int(studentXML.id.(@number == studentID.toString()).badgesEarned) + 1; So far, and this is not working, I have pieced together this lovely bit of code: var requested:URLRequest = new URLRequest("www.mysite.com/index.php"); requested.data = studentXML; // This does trace the entire [i]edited[/i] XML document that is in Flash requested.method = URLRequestMethod.POST; var loader:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader(requested,{name:"StudentXML",onProgress:showProgress}); loader.load(); I know I am being dumb. It can't be this hard to transfer data and overwrite an existing xml document. Any help would truly be appreciated. Thanks, Adam