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  1. Hello, Having a bit of an issue with setting up my triggers correctly within a wordpress template . Currently have lotties setup for two sections within the page and having no issues as far as the first section of lotties firing off as directed. However, I do need a little assistance as to how I would go about setting up another trigger to set off the second set of lotties without interference with the first set. Here is the code in which I have in place at the moment: gsap.utils.toArray(".color-blah").forEach((el, i) => { const ColorOne = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: el, onEnter: this.playLottie, start: "top left", end: "bottom top", markers: true, } }) }); //FUNCTION PLAY function playLottie (){ lottie.play() }; // PAGE - HOME (GROUP ONE) const yellow = lottie.loadAnimation({ container: document.querySelector('.slide-content_group-one.test-0'), renderer: 'svg', loop: false, autoplay: false, path: 'https://lottie.host/eb1cb11d-87e5-42af-bff2-8c8d8549da0a/XQo1JSHp3Y.json' }); const red = lottie.loadAnimation({ container: document.querySelector('.slide-content_group-one.test-1'), renderer: 'svg', loop: false, autoplay: false, path: 'https://lottie.host/95c2b04c-28fd-411f-8add-8cc8380d3399/5FNf1cSzsq.json' }); const blue = lottie.loadAnimation({ container: document.querySelector('.slide-content_group-one.test-2'), renderer: 'svg', loop: false, autoplay: false, path: 'https://lottie.host/fb01223d-4298-4acf-a811-a018adc887a9/PMlDJX47Kc.json' }); </script> Greatly appreciate any help provided!!