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  1. Thank you very much. With that information, I think I was able to fix everything. I abandoned using TweenMax.pauseAll/resumeAll and now keep a vector reference to floating tweens, pausing them as needed, similar to how I handle timelines. I also had the mistake of only pausing timelines if they were active and not paused, whereas they should be paused even if they're not active yet.
  2. Thank you very much for the help and explanation. I think I am calling pause() for the timelines. for each(var tl:TimelineLite in timelines) { if (tl != null) { tl.pause(); } } TweenMax.pauseAll(); The reason I also call TweenMax is because there are assorted tweens and delayed calls that are not added to any timelines. I'm not sure what I did to cause this change, something with child timelines or tweens I think, but I found that if I do the pause before the timeline begins, it's duration increases, but if I do it during the timeline, the start time increases, but not the duration. By increasing the startTime of timelines that haven't begun yet, whenever I finish a pause, things seem to be lined up once the timeline starts. Though, now I have problems with other timelines. I'm thinking it has to do with TweenMax.resumeAll and the fact that I have independent tweens and tweens on timelines. If you could answer a couple questions, I think I can work out a solution. Does TweenMax.pauseAll/resumeAll change the pause state of all tweens regardless of the pause state or delay of any parent timelines? What are the differences between active and paused for timelines? What is the effect of pausing/resuming on tweens or timelines that are delayed and haven't started yet? Thanks again.
  3. I'm pausing timelines with pause() and resuming them with resume(). However, is as if the timeline is dragged out when it resumes, and labels no longer line up with the tweens contained in the timeline. I've traced most of the properties, and the only ones that seem to be different are duration and totalDuration which are increased by the amount of time spent while the timeline was paused. The startTime does not change. Is this behavior normal? How can I make it so that my tweens and timelines are the right length and the labels line up after pausing and resuming? At the same time, I'm also calling TweenMax.pauseAll() and TweenMax.resumeAll(), could this be affecting the timelines(I did not give them any parent)? I'm using AS3 version 1.64 of the Tweening Platform v11. Thanks for any help.