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  1. Dear Carl, Thanks for everything, I have been able to compile that file myself, now the file is running without occurring any error though I have spent almost a week after it but after all i got the positive result out of it. Sorry for bothering you. Thanks again for your assistance. Good luck. Regards Sanjib Das (INDIA)
  2. Dear Carl, Warm greetings to you, What if i want the same banner from Greensock, will i have to purchase another package? if yes how much it will cost to me please do let me know. Otherwise if you can fix it for me i would thankful to you forever. Anyway you assisted me a lot i am thankful to you for that. Regards Sanjib Das
  3. Hi Carl & Hector, Warms greetings to you. Thanks for your kind response, I would like to mention that this file has been created by Greensock action script, here is my new link http://www.touchpixl.com/forum.rar where you can find the decompiled file and the original file both. Since I want the original file in FLA format so i can change the dimension of it but with the same function and logic as original. I tried decompiling the swf but it did not happen. I am really expecting your assistance, thanks in advance. Thank you very much Sanjib Das
  4. Thank your for your kind response, I tried as you suggested me for the further. But when I am using the swf as movie clip the rest of the logics of this slide show like "prev btn, next btn, tween tab at the bottom" are not working. There is a swf file which is working as the "holder" and the holder is calling external swf files which are being played as "1", "2" so on in the slide show. If you just download the folder the download link is "http://www.touchpixl...er1/banner1.rar" you will see the folder and file structure the way it is made. My humble request you to please download this link and look after this and assist me, i would be great full to you. Warm Regards Sanjib Das
  5. Dear Tutors, This is Sanjib i have a flash web banner which has two kind of navigation in it one is "next and previous button" and second one is "Tween Animated Tab navigation at the bottom" you can download the the folder of the banner by clicking on this link "http://www.touchpixl...er1/banner1.rar" . I want to change the dimension "width or height" of the banner, can anyone make the same logic in a banner in flash file format and upload some where or send it to me at "sanjibpersonaldata@gmail.com", you can see the banner here "http://www.touchpixl.com/banner1" I would like to mention that i have lost the flash file of the "holder" file nad without that i am not being able to increase or decrease the dimension of this banner/slide. Thanks in advance Sanjib Das