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  1. By the way @mvaneijgen, this solution having the same issue - if to scroll pretty active with touchpad , it scrolls more that 1 section respectively @akapowl Thx for this important note for me, at least I'll understand a phase of this issue!
  2. Thx you so much for fast answer @mvaneijgen and warm greetings on the forum ) Yes , I've already checked that case , but for it's implementation it need time to rework project for suiting this implementation (at least I think so). Previous example was very easy for me due to easy section bounding . If u think that my way is really tricky and Observer solution is easier , I'll try to implement it (those inners and outers confusing me).
  3. Greetings! I'm using this example in my project and it's match perfectly but with one issue that I can't fix . When you using laptop touchpad to scroll content , if velocity of scroll is more than slow, it usually scrolls more that 1 section for single scroll . Tried a lot of ScrollTrigger documentation properties , but unfortunately didn't met success . Beforehand thank you for support anyway !