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  1. @GreenSock oh thanks! This is what I want. I guess the listener of scrolltrigger was still working when my component was destroyed. So, this is what I want to do: ScrollTrigger.getAll().forEach(t => t.kill()) haha! thank your again!
  2. Hi! As the title says, I want to know whether we need to release manually to achieve the purpose of performance optimization. for example: Some animations are set in component A, and I guess there are some monitoring methods will be implemented. Like: onresize or onscroll... When we leave or destroy components, do these monitors still exist? Or do we need to destroy it manually when we leave? Like vuejs: destroyed() { // gsap.clear() or gsap.destroy() any methods like this ? }
  3. Hey @akapowl My English is very bad In the future, I try to translate through translation software. I'm just not sure whether the translated content can correctly express my meaning. Anyway, thank you for your advice. And thank you very much for your further answer and optimization of this question. Have a good time! ( The above information comes from the translation software. I hope it correctly expresses my gratitude ) 😜
  4. @noviedo 您好! 非常感谢您的耐心解答! 这确实解决了我遇到的问题。 我会继续学习您提供的API相关的知识。 很开心能得到解答,祝您生活愉快! Hi @noviedo! Thank you very much for your patience! This did solve the problem I was having. I will continue to learn about the API you provide. I'm glad to get an answer, and I wish you a happy life! [Google Translation]
  5. 你好! 我在学习过程中看到了 ScrollSmoother,并且在官方示例中随意测试了插件。 当我在页面中异步添加dom的时候,页面正常显示新添加dom。 只有当浏览器调整大小的时候,在添加之前的dom会渲染。 我不知道这是一个问题,或者一些配置选项是可以处理这种情况的。 Hi! I saw ScrollSmoother while I was learning, and randomly tested the plugin in the official example. When I add DOM asynchronously to the page, the page displays the newly added DOM normally. Only when the browser is resized, the dom before adding it will render. I don't know if this is a problem, or if some configuration options are there to handle this. [Google Translation]