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  1. Thanks for the response and right direction, @akapowl and @SteveS As per @akapowl suggestion, I have explored curtains.js and found outstanding examples (links below). Defiantly it's not the exact one, but as both of you mentioned, I'll try it and see what I can achieve. I will share the final solution with the community, so they can use it. Closest example: https://www.curtainsjs.com/examples/simple-plane/index.html https://www.curtainsjs.com/examples/gsap-click-to-fullscreen-gallery/index.html
  2. Hi Everyone, I was exploring some of the websites for my new project and came across Hello Monday website while checking their code to know what they are using or how they've done mouse hover effect on tiles. After doing some research on Google, I've found attached the closest Codepen, but it's also not doing the same as Hello Monday. Can you please provide some codepen sample where it's performing something similar like Hello Monday, or can you please guide me on how to achieve the same using GSAP? As I am new to this not sure how it'll work or what to use.