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  1. Carl, thanks for the info (knowledge is power)! Sorry to bug u again but going back to my original post...I'll try not to be repetitive, I am trying to do exactly something like this: http://goo.gl/70Fo6 except my Movieclip is a container with static text inside. So far I somehow managed to modify one of the file from another post according to my needs, but whenever I click on the MC, it slightly shifts couple pixels to the left and it cuts a bit of the text. So basically I'm trying to keep the masking same scale as the mc container. Here is the file if someone can fix that little issue I'd really appreciate it: Scroll_Test.fla (Flash CS5)
  2. Hi Carl, thanks a lot for your response, Air for mobile registers Mouse clicks/drags and touch/swipe gestures as far as I know. I've got a question, the file that you've provided, since it is one big movieclip container so for example although Panel2 is not visible at first but isn't the whole container loaded in the memory or is it just Panel1 is loaded or whatever the view is? The reason I ask because if I make a book with lots of pages all in one container, wouldn't that effect the performance? Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, I am very new to Flash, AS3 and Greensock. I've used basic movement animation with TweenLite and I'm really content for its ease of use. I thought I'd give Greensock a try (i've heard great things about it). Whatever examples including the textscroll example I've found are too complex for me. I'm trying to make a movieclip container (static text inside) scroll up/down with a frame mask with the famous "elasticity" effect exactly like the example shown in Throwprops page. I've watched the video on the ThrowProps page but that only shows how to animate but not touch and flicking. Can someone please give me a simple code? Thanks a lot. ps. Here is my simple example file: http://goo.gl/3KvQG